Someone showing off their nail polish.

Nails That can Match Your Mood

Changing it up with Mood Changing Nail Polish

Have you ever thought about having a nail polish that changes color? Most of you have probably watched those viral Instagram videos where a nail polish changes its color after being dipped in water, right? Well, this trend came back a couple of years ago and it seems like it will stick around for the upcoming period. If you are intrigued and you want to do your nails like so, you will need a mood nail polish. Keep on reading and find out what is the right way to use it!

What is Mood Changing Nail Polish?

First off, this is no ordinary nail polish. It is a special and unique polish that switches its color based on your mood, as the brand loves to advertise it on its site. In The Mood is actually a brand that makes mood nail polishes. There are many different colors that you can choose from on their official site, but you can also find some on eBay, Amazon and other stores. If you are intrigued about this concept and you would love to switch up your typical manicure, you are going to love this idea.

Does Mood Changing Nail Polish Work?

Yes, it does! Your nail polish will change color if you apply it properly. Luckily for you, there are over 10 different shades of nail polish that you can purchase. Everyone is sure to find their perfect shade and you will be able to switch up your polish quite often with ease. You apply it like any other nail polish and there are no side effects as you may experience with acrylics and gel nails.

What Makes the Polish Change Colors?

In The Mood nail polish will change its color once it is exposed to temperatures reaching 91F (30C). Our normal body temperature is usually around 98F, but our fingertips are a bit cooler. This is why your nails will change color with ease; because there are so disconnected from your body temperature. So, how to make your nail polish change color?

  • You can run your hands under cold or warm water.
  • Your nails will change color if you go outside on an extremely cold or warm day.
  • If your mood drastically changes and your body picks it up, your nail polish will change (since your blood flow and body temperature will rise).
  • Your nail polish will change if you are holding a hot drink.

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How to Apply Mood Nail Polish

If you end up purchasing this nail polish, make sure you apply it properly. What is the best way to do it?

  • Start by applying your typical nail base or clear polish.
  • Wait for it to dry for five minutes before you add this nail polish on top.
  • Start with one coat and see how it changes color from your tips to your nail plate.
  • Wait five minutes and then add another coat.
  • You should seal the deal with a topcoat. This will secure your manicure and will give you a lasting finish.
  • You can also set this manicure with an In The Mood nail top coat.
  • Once you are tired with this manicure, remove it with acetone and play around with some different colors.

What do the Colors Mean?

The In The Mood website allows you to browse through and choose among 11 different nail polishes. You can also purchase their their topcoat. 

Once you find the one that speaks to you, you will be able to see how it changes color. The nail polish will have two shades written under its name. 

Here are your options:

  • Ditsy (from pink to light pink) is the color that stands for romance and charm, as well as playfulness.
  • Guilty (from violet to blue) switches between two colors that represent dreams, emotion and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Naughty (from orange to yellow) stands for joy, attraction and success.
  • Hyper (from salmon to peach) is a hopeful color that signals health and happiness.
  • Devious (from purple to pink) is the symbol of luxury, power, as well as peace.
  • Blissful (from pink to pearl white) symbolizes innocence, beauty, as well as new beginnings.
  • Bubbly (from teal to mint) represents clarity of thought and stands for revitalization.
  • Carefree (from pastel green to pastel yellow) stands for optimism, energy, as well as loyalty.
  • Peaceful (from pastel purple to pale grey) means sophisticated and stands for conservative thoughts.
  • Peachy (from peach to yellow) stands for immortality, peace, as well as renewal of life.
  • Perky (from hot pink to pastel pink) means to understand, give, as well as nurture.

Happy Painting!

As you can see, these 11 different colors can all suddenly become 22 colors once they are exposed to low or high heat! Find the one which suits your personal style the best and switch up your manicure based on your mood.