The Ultimate Guide to Nail Shapes

7 Nail Shapes to Try Next Time You’re at the Salon

One of the hardest questions when coming to your favorite nail salon might be, ”What nail shape would you like?” This question always puts any woman under pressure.

We have a hard time figuring out the color itself, and imagine even adding the shape on top of that! If you feel like the possibilities are endless with nail shapes, and you are not too sure what to do with your nails the next time you go to the salon, then you are at the right place!

This article will help you understand the different types of nail shapes, and help you find your perfect nail color and length!

Square Nail Shape

The square nail shape is the most popular one in the beauty community.

These nails are shaped like a box (a square) and are very straight with super sharp corners. This nail shape looks the best on women who love longer nails, and who are not all about the ‘all-natural’ concept.

Color-wise, you can wear anything bold or neutral, based on your preference. Women who wish to stand out will get a full hit with this shape since it can be attention-seeking when paired up with bright neon colors.

If you are going to do them on your own make sure your file doesn’t move around a lot once you start shaping them. The square demands precision and a steady hand.

Round Nail Shape

Round nails are very old school, and they are very practical. Women who love short nails and who don’t mind clipping them on their own will find this shape the most practical.

Round nails are the best choice if you are someone who does a lot of dishwashing, typing, massaging, or work with their hands. Women with this shape often either wear nude, white, pink, beige, or red nail polishes, since these look very elegant and sophisticated, as well as natural (besides the red color).

Luckily they are very easy to achieve since all you have to do is follow the natural curve of your finger.

Squoval Nail Shape

Squoval nails are the perfect hybrid of square and oval nails. If you are someone who loves a flat edge, but with just a bit of a sharp looking corner, this shape might suit you the best.

The best part is that anyone can wear these nails, no matter your nail color preference, finger length, nail length, or your current age. Squoval nails are an ideal option for women who love more of that natural look, and who don’t mind taking their time when filling them away.

With this nail shape, make sure you are patient and precise since you don’t want to flat them too much, or even vice versa, round up.

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Oval Nail Shape

Women often confuse this shape with the round shape.

The main difference is that oval nails are filed down on the sides, all the way up to the tips. Their curve is a bit more extreme than as it is with the round shape. This little trick will give your fingers a bit more of that straight and slim effect, which is something that women who have chubbier fingers might gravitate to.

Luckily, color-wise, you can do whatever look you have in mind since these nails are the perfect in-between option- not too extreme, and not too natural.

When filing them, make sure you round up those corners and give it more of that extreme and intense look.

Almond Nail Shape

Almond nails are filed along the sides, and they give out that curvy and sleek look.

A lot of the times natural nails can’t stand this shape, so women often get acrylics or gel manicures to hold the curve. That is why this shape is recommended for women who have super strong nails, or those who wish to stand out.

Any color can look great on this shape, but it is mostly paired up with colorful and dark options. If you are going to get this shape make sure you have the right nail strength, and that you don’t mind filing the ends.

The nail needs to be shaped and filed along the sides, and it should mimic the shape of the actual almond.

Stiletto Nail Shape

Stiletto nails are the perfect Instagram baddie choice and are one of the most noticeable shapes on celebrities.

If you are someone who loves dramatic and pointy nails, you are going to love this one. However, yet again, your nails would have to be strong and sturdy to hold this shape. If not, you might want to get a set of acrylics.

Stiletto looks amazing with something matte on top, or with darker and bolder Fall inspired colors.

If you end up filing the nails on your own, make sure you shape the spiked part with caution. Make the lower part of your nails wide, and as you come to the tip make it very pointy and sharp looking.

Ballerina Nail Shape

Lastly, one of the least asked shapes at the saloon is the ballerina shape. It is not because it is not beautiful, it is because it is hard to achieve, as well as maintain.

Ballerina shape is often spotted on women who are into dramatic options. These look a lot like a stiletto, but with a square tip, instead of a pointy one. The shape looks a lot like Ballerinas slipper, and it is the best option for women who love long acrylic nails.

If you file the nails on your own make sure you create a square tip, instead of a spikey one. Color-wise, you can go as crazy or as subtle as you like.