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How to Use Hot Rollers for Hair

The easiest way to long-lasting volumised curls

We’re always hearing about the next big hair trend that we should try out. Styling products are ever-changing and the tools seem to constantly come and go.Very few hair tools truly stand the test of time and they are certainly the ones worthy of serious consideration! Hair rollers have and always will be staples so learning how to use hot rollers is a great haircare skill to have.

We think of hot rollers when we think of classical Hollywood or when we look back to watching our mums styling their hair. Whilst the technology may have switched things up, a classic remains a classic. Hot hair rollers are making a comeback in a big way and we are so here for it! So let’s see what this iconic tool is all about.

What Is a Hot Roller?

For as long as we can remember, hair rollers have been around. They never fully died down, we all still cheekily go back to them every now and then. But what’s really helped bring them back in trend is the technology switch up.

Hair rollers have always used relatively simple technology. You roll sections of your hair into them and pin them in place to allow your hair to naturally dry beautifully. Nowadays, things have been taken to the next level by applying heat to these rollers to allow them to really style your hair and keep it perfect.

You leave the rollers inside the container for a while to allow them to heat up and then carefully apply them to your hair. It works kind of like a straightener or curler only you leave it in for it to work overtime instead of going through your hair repeatedly

How to Use Hot Rollers

When you hear that heat is getting involved, you’d assume that even the simplest of hair tools can get tricky to use. The truth is that knowing how to use hot rollers is easier than ever before.

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We’ve put together a little go-to guide to help you figure out how to use your hot rollers as well as how to get the most out of them.

  1. The most important trick to not getting all tangled up and stuck with rollers in your hair is to thoroughly brush through your hair. Use a detangling brush if you know that your hair is prone to easily tangling. Make sure your hair is completely tangle-free before going anywhere near your hot rollers.
  2. Whichever hot rollers brand you choose to go with should come in a box container. Plug that box in and let it heat up for the amount of time outlined on the directions of your given choice. Don’t start before it is completely heated through to guarantee you get the best results!
  3. Grab a small section of hair and spray it thoroughly with a heat protectant spray or hair serum. This is key to getting the smoothest and most flawless finish- as well as protecting your hair from any damage.
  4. Brush through the small section and grab a hot roller. Roll your hair up with it and pin it in place!
  5. Repeat this until all of your hair is up! We recommend rolling each section in different directions to get the most dimension. Do some rolls inwards and some outwards!

Choosing a Hot Roller

Now you know how to use hot rollers, you will need to find the perfect tool for the job. Like with any new tool, it can be hard to understand what makes it good. You have to understand what characteristics to look out for, what keywords you want to find written on the box, and what promises you need it to make! With hot rollers, there are really three main qualities you should look for.


As with most heated hair tools, the highest temperature possible is an important quality to look for. The hotter it can get the better it can work.

However, on fine hair be careful not to use too a high temperature settings as this can cause long-term heat damage and make your curls look fried, not exactly the look you were going for!


Hot rollers come in a variety of fabrics and each one can have a different finish. For example, velcro grabs each individual hair better and hold the rollers in place.

Roller Sizes

As you can imagine, the bigger or smaller the roller is the bigger or tighter your curls will be! If you’re looking for a natural effortless wavy then big rollers are the way to go.