Two women wearing sequin dresses dancing at a party.

Top 8 Fall Fashion Trends for 2021

2021 Fall Fashion Trends

1. Sequin Mini Dress A lot of women love to wear mini dresses, but a black sequin mini dress? This is going to be a huge hit in one to two months from now. Thanks to all the glitz and glamour that is currently trending online, as well as Red Carpet events, this item is […]

A photo of beachwear items, including a sun hat, sunglasses, the edge of a towel, the edge of a zippered bag, three seashells, and two bottles. One bottle is a yellow opaque and the second is a transparent yellow with clear liquid inside.
A photo of a pipette laying on it's side with retinol serum pooling around the tip.
Wax on a popsicle stick.
A woman applying toner to her skin with a cotton pad.
A person holding another person's foot and applying foot scrub.
Someone using a container of moisturizer.
A woman applying SPF sun cream to her face.
A woman in a bathroom shaving her legs.