A mixture of matcha.

6 DIY Face Scrubs You Have to Try

Have Some Fun With a DIY Face Scrub

A face scrub can make anyone’s skin soft by cleaning out their pores. Face scrubs tend to be thick and have a beady texture, which is ideal for removing impurities, as well as exfoliating. Exfoliation is when dead skin cells are removed, then new skin cells are able to grow faster. If you do not […]

Someone in a bubble bath.
Someone dying their hair.
It is important to know how to pluck your eyebrows as they frame your face.
A woman battling the cold weather after using a winter skincare routine.
A woman applying toner to her face.
A girl washing her face with a cleanser that is good for sensitive skin.
A person getting a hyaluronic acid serum treatment.
A woman applying essence to her face.