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Summer Eye Makeup Trends That’ll Have You Shining Brighter Than the Sun

Top 3 Summer Eye Makeup Looks

Summer season allows us all to play around and experiment with different kinds of summer eye makeup looks. If you are a creative person who is all about expressing style through clothes, details, or makeup, you will love this article. Are you a fan of bright colors and do you love to stay on-trend, as well as modern and noticeable? If so, you should keep on reading and you will find the perfect look that you can wear from June to September. This way, you will look flawless and you will enjoy your stunning eyeshadow. Here’s how to achieve different summer eye makeup looks and stay on-trend throughout the entire season.

What Are Summer Eye Makeup Looks?

Summer eye makeup looks are some of the prettiest looks that you can do on your own. These are customizable and catered toward high heat, as well as heavy sun exposure. A summer eye makeup look will seek attention and will stay on your eyes throughout the entire day, that is, if applied correctly. You can opt for summer eye looks for day and night-time wear.

If you wish to achieve a beautiful and seamlessly blended eyeshadow, you should use some key products and avoid some too.

How to Achieve the Perfect Summer Eye Makeup Look

When doing your eyeshadow, it is crucial to prime your eyelids. You should not apply the shadow right away. In fact, prime your eyelids with a matte concealer or with a matte shadow base and blend it in with your fingers or with a flat brush. A matte base will keep your oils at bay and will prevent the smearing of your shadow.

Aside from the primer, use a round fluffy brush to apply the shadow. Don’t forget a matte shadow if you want longevity and a long-lasting pigment during the day. Also, liquid eyeliner is a must-have, but only if you have a matte kind. Other eyeliners can easily smear, smudge, or bleed if exposed to high heat and heavy sun exposure.

Summer Makeup Mistakes

In the summer, do not use liquid eyeshadows. They are prone to cracking, especially if and when exposed to high heat and oils.

Also, try to stay away from darker colors. It’s not that they are bad for you or that they cannot withstand the heat, but they are quite unpopular for the summer season. Rather stick to bright and neon shades, but we will talk about this later too.

Lastly, do not use fake eyelashes. Applying them in high heat and letting the glue dry down can be quite tricky. In fact, your lashes can unglue and fall off on their own. So, stick to waterproof mascaras.

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What Colors Should You Wear During the Summer Season?

So, the summer season is all about wearing bright and noticeable shadows. You should not wear cool-toned or darker colors. Here are our recommended options:

  • Pink. Kylie Jenner had brought back the pink eyeshadow. She made it quite popular and modern by coloring her inner eye corners with a shimmering pink shade.
  • Green. Green eyeshadow will look amazing on women who have brown eyes. It is also quite popular when it comes to your clothing items.
  • Yellow. Yellow matte eyeshadow, when paired along with matte nail polish, will look ravishing and stunning, especially if you are off to the beach.
  • Orange. The orange shadow color is not the most popular go-to, but believe it or not, it is super easy to pull off. You should go for peachy shadows since they are so playful and timeless, as well as easier to blend out.

Top 3 Latest Summer Eye Makeup Trends

Want to stay trendy and practice your blending? Here are the top three most popular and wearable looks for the summer season.

1. A Peachy Dream

If you want something that you can wear every day that is office-friendly or easy to pull off, go for this look. A peachy look is beautiful since it is monochromatic. Apply your favorite peachy eyeshadow over your eyelid. Also, make the look cohesive by sticking to peachy blush and a beautiful coral lipstick.

2. Neon or Rainbow Eyeliner

A neon liner may be a bit tricky to pull off, but you will love its noticeable vibe. Make sure that you have either a neon liner or several different rainbow-colored liners. Start with the lightest color in your inner corner and gradually add the darker shades. In the end, you will have a sharp and dramatic outcome that is perfect for parties.

3. Bright Cut Crease

Lastly, a bright-colored cut crease will suit makeup enthusiasts. If you love to play around with color, stick with bright green, pink, or yellow cut crease. Add a simple brown shadow in the corners, but cover the entire eyelid with a bright shade.

Ready to Do Summer Makeup?

It’s time to have fun and explore your options. Make sure that you stand out at any and every party, and embrace the colorful vibe.