Someone who has blonde, dry, damaged hair.

Say Goodbye to Damaged Hair With These 4 DIY Hair Masks

How to Make a DIY Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

Is your hair naturally hard to control and maintain? Does it get frizzy easily, and it is impossible to blow dry? If so, it is probably damaged. Did you know that out of all the hair types, dry hair is naturally prone to breakage as well as shedding the most? However, you can also experience damaged strands if you dye or bleach your hair quite often. If you are wondering how to fix dry strands on your own and without spending a fortune, keep on reading! We have the answers to your questions with a DIY hair mask for damaged hair.

What Is Damaged Hair?

Hair damage means experiencing more than just split ends; damaged hair is usually dry around the scalp and it is quite frizzy and uneven at the bottom. Your cuticles will lift up and cause the strands to dry out while becoming lifeless.

In most cases, this will happen because you are blow drying your hair too often or with the wrong tools. Your hair will look its best and feel its best if you let it air dry at least up to 70%. Afterward, you can style your hair with high heat and with the right hair care products.

Also, you may be over washing your hair; you should let your hair get a bit dirty before you wash it. You can wear some dry shampoo meanwhile to hide the oils.

Damaged hair can also happen if you are exposing your hair to chlorine or saltwater. These two substances are super dry and can be damaging to any hair type. Make sure that you use a deep conditioning cream or oil to create a protective barrier for your strands.

Lastly, may be over processing your hair. You should not color or bleach your hair too often. Try to color it every 8 to 10 weeks since anything more often than this can lead to damage.

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Why Use a Hair Mask?

Hair masks are quite potent and they have a runny consistency, which makes them easy to apply over the entire head. These masks sink into each strand in 10 to 20 minutes. After that, they will feel hydrated and they will shine. They are also filled with nourishing, natural ingredients and they often have proteins that will smooth out any thick or lifeless strands. You will notice a significant difference after just two to three applications and you will love your new texture.

How to Apply a Hair Mask to Damaged Hair

Each hair mask should be applied in a different way since every mask is unique in its consistency, as well as its active ingredients. However, in most cases, you should apply a hair mask once a week, or two times at the max. You should leave it on top of your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterward, you should rinse it out with lukewarm water and shampoo and apply your favorite styling products (as well as heat protectors) on top. Style as per usual and let your hair shine through!

Top 4 DIY Hair Masks for You to Make at Home

If you want to, you can create your own hair masks at home and not spend a fortune at a hair salon. Here are the top four hair masks that will suit different hair types.

Egg and Lemon Hair Mask for Oily Hair

Eggs are rich in vitamins, proteins and fatty acids, while lemons will kill off any grease or bacteria that is on your scalp. Combining these two ingredients will suit women who have oily yet damaged strands.

Add one egg and half a lemon into a mixing bowl. Apply these two to damp hair and leave on top for 45 minutes. Wear a shower cap for practicality and wash your hair afterward with shampoo and conditioner.

Brown Sugar and Olive Oil for Dry Hair

Brown sugar is an amazing exfoliant while virgin oil will help you treat dry and damaged strands. If your hair is quite dry and damaged, go for this solution.

Use 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Apply these to your hair from top to bottom and leave on top for 15 minutes. Rinse out and style per usual! Do this mask twice a week.

Coconut, Strawberry and Honey for Normal Hair

These three ingredients all smell amazing and they are well-known for adding shine and moisture to your strands. If your hair is quite normal, but it tends to dry out in the winter or some other times, give this mask a chance.

Mix six fresh strawberries, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of honey. Blend all of these together and apply to damp hair. This solution should stay on top for 10 minutes max. Rinse it out and repeat once a week.

Banana and Honey Hair Mask for Faster Growth

If your hair is quite fragile and brittle, you can boost its growth with this mask. Not only is this a great DIY hair mask for damaged hair, but it also enhances growth. Its ingredients are hydrating, nourishing and well-known for preventing the risks of breakage.

Use one peeled and mashed banana, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of olive oil (this last one is optional). Leave it on top of your head for one hour and use a shower cap for better soaking properties. Shampoo and condition with your trusted products.