Find easy hair care tips for all hair types.

Hair Care Basics, at Any Budget

Hair Care Basics at Any Budget

Have you ever wondered how to strengthen and protect your hair, to care for it in the best ways possible? What are some things that any person, on any budget, can do to care for their hair?


The main thing here: pay attention to your hair. Shampoo traps oil, so if you use it too much, you’ll dry your hair out and make it look worse. Instead, try shampooing only every 2–3 days, using one that’s good for your hair type.

For other tricks: Less is more. If your hair is around shoulder length or less, you need about a quarter-sized amount of product. Thicker or fuller hair needs some more, but not much. Use it only the scalp. Taking it to the ends will damage the hair.


Again, pick the right product for your hair. Try to use ones that have natural products and avoid ones with alcohol. Alcohol removes moisture, which is opposite of what you want conditioner for.

Condition when you wash your hair. Adding a bit of oil to your hair before washing it, letting it sit for a few minutes then washing your hair and conditioning as normal works really well to keep your hair moisturized.

Tips for conditioning: Keep the conditioner on the ends only. Your scalp’s natural oils can’t reach the lengths and ends of your hair, so this is the area that needs the oils and nutrients this time.


For those with weak or brittle hair, have no fear! There are several ways to help you strengthen your hair with things you already have around your house. Kitchen ingredients crop up in hair care tips for a reason—they work. Honey, egg, coconut or olive oil are all things you can use. They introduce oils, nutrients and protein to your strands.

Apply directly to the scalp, massage in then let sit for 15 minutes. Just rinse with warm water to get the item out of your hair and continue on with your normal hair care routine.

Something else to consider: There are many products that you can buy that strengthen your hair as well. Keratin is the main ingredient that you’ll want to look for as this is what adds strength and resilience to your hair.


There are also many simple things that anyone can do to protect their hair against unnecessary damage. Drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and avoiding heat sources are all things that you can do to protect your hair. If you do choose to use hot tools on your hair, make sure you use heat protectants and styling products that restore the hair’s health.

If you color your hair, space out the colorings so the hair has time to breathe between sessions. And yes, whenever you put sunscreen on your body, put something on your hair as well. Make sure to use a product with UVA and UVB protection for your locks.

Finally: Moisturize! This cannot be stressed enough. Using oils like argan and coconut to keep your hair moisture rich. Hair that has more moisture is less likely to break or fade, resulting in the overall healthy sheen that you want!