Short bob fall hair style

Top Fall Hair Styles for 2022

Fall Hair Styles for 2022

Fall is here! That means it’s time to get your fashions, beauty routines and hairstyles in order and freshen up your look. In this article, we will share our top, trendy fall hair styles for 2022, that will inspire you to get your tresses looking the best this season.

Feathered Layers

Give your hair plenty of definition and volume with feathered layers from the 1960s and 1970s. Popular with many celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lawrence.

Suitable for all hair lengths, feathered layers add thickness to your hair and make your tresses stand out. To apply the feathering technique to your hair, you’d be better off seeing a hairstylist, but to try it out at home, you’d need to separate different parts of your hair, then chop each section into a feathery style.

The Midi Cut

If you want to give your hair a new look but don’t want to go all the way to the big chop, then go for the midi cut. The midi cut is the in between — it’s not long but it’s not short.

Plus, it’s a style that’s easy to create (just don’t cut too much hair off!) It’s easy to maintain and manage, which is handy during this back-to-school, back-to-work season. For extra creativity, you can add some color.

This fall hairstyle is sure to be trendy and cute!

The Crop Bob

If it’s good enough for Kourtney Kardashian, then it’s good enough for us! The crop bob is super chic and perfect for all occasions, from the casual day out, to a typical workday at the office, to a special occasion.

It’s easy to cut your hair into a bob, style it and maintain it. To cut a bob, you will need a pair of cutting shears, hair clippers and a hair razor, a comb and hair ties — and then you’d trim.

You can keep your bob sleek straight and channel your inner Anna Wintour, or you can add textured layers and waves, or you can add color to make your crop bob stand out.

Curtain Bangs

Thanks to the increasing popularity of this hairstyle in the beauty influencer world, curtain bangs are here for a trendy fall hair style. With a wispy texture, they provide a ‘60s and ‘70s look and they look good on anyone.

To create curtain bangs, get a pair of hair trimming shears and a flat comb, find a picture of a celebrity with the perfect curtain bangs, detangle, and dry your hair, create a centre part and section out your hair, then cut your bangs across chin level. Then, part your bangs down the middle and cut each side at an angle and make vertical cuts to feather your bangs.

You can straighten your curtain bangs, add waves, or curl your bangs to make them stand out.

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Soft Pink

Now, let’s be honest: pink hair is normally reserved for the summer, but for fall 2022, we’re bringing soft pink (or pastel pink) hair into the fall and it’s set to become one of the top fall hairstyle trends.

With plenty of salon-level hair dyes available in drugstores and via beauty retailers, you can be sure to spruce up your hair with the cotton candy colored tone. You can dye your whole hair pink, or dye parts of your hair pink (such as your tips or bangs) to give your tresses the two-toned look.

Wispy Bun

As a result of living life in a lockdown, many of us are used to the casual look, such as wearing loungewear at home. Complete the casual look with a wispy bun — which is kind of a messy bun but prettier and much more sophisticated.

To create this, you will need a brush, a couple of hair bands, several bobby pins, and a hairspray. Brush through the hair to get rid of any tangles, tie up the hair into a ponytail, wrap the ponytail around and shape it like a bun, then add the bobby pins to secure the bun. To finish off, spray hairspray to hold the style of the bun in place.


A mixie is a cross between a mullet and a pixie. It’s an asymmetrical, boyish, cut that is short in the front, features a ‘crown’ on the head and is slightly longer at the back of the head.

Slicked Down Hair

Taking it back to the ‘90s, the slicked down brushed back hair was the perfect hairstyle for the red carpet. Suitable for all hair lengths, this is the right hairstyle for special occasions this fall.

You can achieve this fall hairstyle by brushing back your hair, adding moisturizer or serum, then adding hair gel for the slicked down effect.

Jewellery Hair Clips

For a touch of glamour, jewellery hair clips are the go-to hair accessories this season. With elegant updos or flowy locks, jewellery hair clips add the extra sparkle to your fall hairstyle, and these accessories will come in handy for the upcoming festivities in the winter.

For alternative hair accessories this season, try big headbands with embellished patterns and big bows.