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Top 3 Hair Oils to Keep Your Curls Bouncing

The Benefits of Hair Oil for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, consider yourself lucky; curly hair is hereditary and only 20% of people worldwide are blessed with luscious curls. However, over 45% of people can have either coiled, frizzy, or wavy hair. When it comes to your curls, it is important to maintain them with nourishing, hydrating products, like hair oil for curly hair. This is where jojoba oil, olive oil, or almond oil may come in handy! Keep on reading and figure out why you should incorporate a hair oil to your hair care routine.

What Is Hair Oil and Why Is It Good For Curly Hair?

Hair oil should be the last step in your hair care routine, especially if you have curly hair. Hair oil is applied all over your scalp and definitely down your ends. It is used to seal the moisture and hydrate your strands. This is vital since curly hair is a lot drier than straight or wavy kinds. Once applied on top, your curls will stand out, form better and will stay soft for days to come.

What Is the Difference Between Curly and Wavy Hair?

Curly hair is a lot more frizzy than wavy hair. Women who have curls usually have thick, coarse and coiled tight strands that are impossible to brush out. Wavy hair, on the other hand, can be styled with ease and you can wear it wavy or straight. If you are struggling with determining what your actual hair type is, let your hair air dry after washing it. Your curls or waves should form on their own and you will know what you are working with. Afterward, you can apply your favorite hair care items.

Top 3 Oils for Curly Hair

Shea Moisture 100% Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil

If you want a pretty affordable hair oil, Shea Moisture is always the way to go. This little bottle is filled with omega 9 fatty acids that are great for shiny and prominent curls. The bottle has only 50 millilitres of product, but black castor oil is easy to spread, which will make your application quick and easy. Also, Shea Moisture has some of the bestselling products for people with curly hair, so you should give them a go too.

Moroccanoil Treatment Original

Moroccan Oil is a newer brand that became popular quite recently. Although being a pricier brand, they offer some of the best hair care products for women with dramatic curls. This oil is paraben and sulfate-free, and it is great for adding shine and fighting off frizz and annoying tangles. The bottle holds 50 millilitres of product and the product is alcohol free.

Oribe Gold Lust Hair Oil

If you like luxurious packaging and you also love Oribe, you will want this hair oil in your collection. It is expensive, but it smells divine and feels luxurious once applied to your strands. This oil is very lightweight and perfect for adding moisture to your strands. It also does wonders for blow drying and leaves your hair shiny until the next wash.

How to Apply Hair Oil

You should apply hair oil as a last step to your hair care routine. Make sure that your hair has been previously washed and conditioned before you add oil.

You can apply the oil to damp hair, but most hairstylists recommend that you apply it after you have blow dried it. The thing is, you can easily fry your hair if you combine high heat and oils. Try to use your hair oil as a final step and simply style your curls with a bean-size amount.

Twist your head upside down and start scrunching your hair. Focus most of the product on your ends and gradually move up to the scalp.

What Are the Benefits of Hair Oil For Curly Hair?

With regular application of any hair oil, your hair will:

  • Form a prettier curl
  • End up with a lot of shine
  • Be less frizzy
  • Be protected from damage
  • Be softer
  • Be free of heat

In Review

Hair oil is a great way to make your hair healthier, shinier and softer. Please use our recommended list of hair oils as guidance and find which one is right for you. Remember, curly hair needs moisture, so if you pamper your locks with hair oil, it will style better and it will be less frizzy.

Now you know all about hair oil for curly hair and how to apply it as well. Remember, don’t apply heat and make sure your hair is damp to dry before applying it.

Now it’s time for you to have shiny curls!