An African American woman standing in front of a yellow background wearing liquid eyeshadow.

It’s Time to Glitter and Shine With Liquid Eyeshadow

Liquid Eyeshadow for Every Occassion

While many beauty lovers like to add eyeshadow palettes to their makeup collection, there’s a new cosmetic tool that has become a hot trend over the last couple of years: liquid eyeshadow. Do you know how to use liquid eyeshadow? Like foundation and blush, eyeshadow comes available in a powder, cream and liquid form, and […]

Someone with filled in eyebrows.
Someone wearing eybrow tint.
Someone wearing lip gloss.
Someone wearing eyelash extensions.
Blush made out of sustainable products.
black woman applying mascara in a mirror
woman is showing smokey eyes style make up
makeup products to even skin tone and complexion on aged paper