Is it possible to achieve unicorn hair like this on your own?

The Newest Hair Color Trend is Inspired by Mythical Creatures

How To Achieve Unicorn Hair at Home

Unicorn hair is by far one of our favourite hair trends from the last few years, as who wouldn’t want ridiculously colorful and pretty locks? It may seem like a salon job but actually you too can enjoy unicorn hair from the comfort of your own home. Plus it’ll be just a fraction of the cost as it’d be to get it done professionally.

The best thing about unicorn hair is that every look is unique, so you don’t have to do it absolutely perfectly for it to still look great. If you’re feeling bold and want to rock the trend, read on to discover how best to achieve the look.

What You Need

  • Bleach – you need to start with a light base for the pastel shades to shine through. If you’ve got dark locks you will definitely need some bleach to start off with.
  • Plastic gloves – things may get a little messy so definitely best to keep all that colour off your hands.
  • A brush
  • An old towel – unicorn hair can leave your bathroom in a bit of a state so it’s best to be prepared and cover every surface.
  • An old t-shirt to wear
  • Mixing bowls
  • Hair conditioner – avoid using a coloured conditioner as this will affect the hair dye colours.
  • Hair dyes

Resetting Your Hair Color

If you’re going for unicorn hair, the chances are that this isn’t your first time you’ve had a play around with color! You want to make sure your hair is completely free of any previous dyes as otherwise you may find some strands reacting and going all sorts of strange colours.

Related Products

You can buy color strippers or use dandruff shampoos to remove dye, but be careful to keep your hair hydrated as these can be incredibly drying.

Once your hair is au naturale, you will want to bleach it. Again this can be drying so stay well equipped with hair masks and conditioners to keep your hair nourished and healthy.

Do Your Research

Unicorn hair can be a little bit improvised but still requires some planning. It’s always best to have a vision in mind of how you want your unicorn hair to turn out like, as otherwise it really will be a disaster.

Browse through Pinterest and visit your favourite blogs to get an idea of what you want. Once you have an image in your head you are ready to start the process.

Separate Your Hair

How much you separate your hair really depends on how you want the final result. If you want precise clean lines and streaks of varying colors, you may want to use some tin foil to cover dyed hair and protect it from later hair dyes. If you’re happy to keep things a little more messy simply use some grips and bands to separate your hair into sections.

Mixing Up Your Colors

Once you have a few colors in mind it’s time to start mixing them. If your hair dye does not come in an already made paste and is in powder form, mix it with some hair conditioner to create an easy to apply paste.

You can also use your conditioner to lighten and darken the colours, so if you want to be a pastel unicorn, use lots of the white conditioner to lighten the shades. Remember the lighter the colors, the quicker they will fade.

You will want to mix the colours one at a time, starting with your lightest color.

Applying The Hair Dye

Work in sections to apply the hair dye. Unicorn hair works by painting different strands different colours so you will want to keep some sections free of dye before moving onto the next shade.

Use your paintbrush to simply paint the dye onto your hair, starting at the roots and moving through to the ends. You can also use your hands at this point but make sure you’re wearing gloves.

Once you are done with a section you can either cover it as a foil highlight or simply pin it to the top of your head if you’re not too bothered about color transfer.

Work your way through the sections, mixing up new hair dye shades as you go for true unicorn style.

Rinsing It All Off

Once your hair dye has developed, it should say on the packet how long it takes, you can rinse your hair. Avoid using abrasive shampoos as these will fade your color instantly, opt for color protection products instead to make the dye last for as long as possible.

Enjoy Your Unicorn Hair

Unicorn hair isn’t going to last you too long and does require a fair amount of upkeep. However, it’s worth it for those few days of absolute magicalness, right?