There are many nail shapes to choose from. This woman wears a natural nail shape.

The Most Flattering Nail Shapes

How to Choose Your Best Nail Shape

There is more to an amazing manicure than nail polish. Choosing the right nail shape for you will help you to create the exact look you want without sacrificing your lifestyle.


These nails are shaped like almonds with a wider base near the nail bed that narrows into a thin curve. If you are considering growing out your nails, these are be the way to go as almond is the most stable of all nail shapes. Not to mention how flattering this style is for anyone who considers their fingers short or wide.

Highlights of almond nails

  • Lengthens short fingers
  • Slenderizes everyone
  • Draws attention to jewelry
  • Glamorous with a little bit of edge

Square-shaped fingernails painted with a french manicure.


This manicure is marked by sharp, square edges. Square shaped nails are less universally flattering than almond nails, but they are a perfect edgy design for anyone with longer fingers or those who keep their nails short. DIY nail artists will find these especially easy to maintain due to not needing to maintain a specific curve.

Highlights of square nails

  • Easier to maintain than more round styles
  • Gives long fingers a unique look
  • Great for a wide variety of nail art styles
  • Edgy and trendy
  • Great for short nails

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