woman having a bad hair day with tangled hair

Detangling Hair 101

Tips and Tricks for Soft and Sleek Locks

We all have that oh-so-fond memory of our mums grabbing and pulling at our hair trying to brush through it. It truly is a universal childhood experience. So when you find yourself deep into adulthood, it’s time to find out how to detangle hair once and for all. Detangling hair is possibly one of the most searched haircare questions. Everyone battles with it at one point or another, some, unfortunately, more than others! Nothing can be more frustrating.

We’ve decided enough is enough. It’s about time we put together an in-depth guide on how to detangle hair. Whether you choose to take each and every one of these steps or find that one works for you, something is guaranteed to get the job done!

All the Masks

Hair masks are going to be your savior. Tangled hair shouldn’t have a bunch of products built up in it. You can use all the serums and oils and gels you want, but they’re only going to make a bad situation worse.

Where you can get the most work out of products is with hair masks. Hair masks are washed out and so you can allow them to do their job without keeping them in your hair. If your hair is dry as well as tangled, then we recommend using a pre-wash mask as well as an in-shower hair mask.

This step depends on your preference. You can certainly invest in some salon approved hair masks, or you can even stick to simple DIY hair masks such as coconut oil or aloe vera!

Brush Before Washing

Adding more and more product into already tangled hair can just make a big mess even bigger. That’s why it’s best to get the rough brushing ordeal out of the way before you wash your hair. Before hopping into the shower, apply your pre-wash hair mask. While this mask is in, work your fingers through your hair trying to detangle as much as you can. Then go in with your hairbrush.

Brushing through your hair before washing is one of the best methods on how to detangle hair. Pulling and tugging at your hair with a brush while it is wet is just going to cause breakage and tear your hair!

Wash it the Right Way

Too many of us wash our hair the wrong way. What we’re about to tell you is going to transform your hair game- tangled or not! The right way to wash your hair definitely depends on your hair type. Tangled hair is typically drier or rougher than usual. So this method made for combination hair is the best way to go. This method makes sure your roots are deeply cleansed but keeps your ends soft and smooth!

Start by applying your shampoo and rubbing it in- but keep it at the first couple of inches of your hair! Focus the product at your roots and rub it in there. Don’t start washing the lengths of your hair- keep them shampoo free. When you rinse through your hair, the shampoo will trickle down and that’s all the shampoo your ends need. Then deeply condition your hair and focus it at the ends. If you suffer from dry roots then you can take it all the way up.

The trick is to keep the conditioner on for as long as possible. Throw on a shower cap and do your entire shower routine at this time. Give a couple of shower performances, just try to buy as much time as you can! The longer your conditioner is in there, the more it can work to break up tangles!

How to Detangle Hair

If you frequently suffer from tangled hair, then you probably are familiar with the fact that even after all of the above steps, once you sleep in it you’ll be back to square one. The top trick to keep your hair tangle-free through the night is braiding.

Braiding your hair before sleeping will keep your hair in check! Keeping it in braids stops it from rubbing against your pillow and tangling up. This trick is going to save your life!