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Spring Hairstyles 2018

7 On-Trend Styles to Try

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean getting rid of all your winter clutter, and keeping things fresh and clean in your home. We can spring clean our style, too. One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform your look is, of course, with a new hairdo. Whether you’re cutting your locks or opting for a new color, we’re bringing you some of the best spring hairstyles 2018 will have to offer. So, it’s time to get inspired and give your ‘do a whole new look for this season.

Beautiful Looks for Your Locks

While we were accessorizing and lapping up the unicorn trend with our hair in 2017, this year it’s all about more wearable, everyday looks. We’re not going for anything particularly unnatural, and it’s all about that laid back, effortless vibe. That just got out of bed look is the goal for your hair this season.

Blunt Lob

Let’s just say this now: the lob isn’t going away! Formally known as the long bob, the lob has been very popular for a few years now, and we’re not getting bored of this flattering ‘do.

This mid-length haircut looks great on just about anyone, and if you fancy a change this spring, a lob is a good way to go. But not just any old lob. This season it’s all about the blunt lob. This ultra-chic look has razor sharp ends which work with just about any hair type.

Grown-Out Pixie

Another all-time favorite is the pixie haircut, but the top spring hairstyles for 2018 go for that ‘grown-out’ look, with a slightly longer and layered pixie cut being favored. You’ll still have all the gorgeous sass and texture of the pixie cut, but the grown-out style is slightly softer on the features. It also has the bonus of being much easier to maintain!

Curtain Bangs

Different styles of bangs constantly go in and out of style. Sometimes we’re loving a blunt cut, and other times we’re loving wispy bangs. One of the biggest spring hairstyles for 2018 is curtain bangs. They’re coming back in full force! Just about every celebrity is rocking these bangs at the moment.

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If you’ve already got bangs in action, all you need to do is grow them out and gently sweep them to the side. If you haven’t quite bit the bullet with bangs, this is the time to spruce up your look up and go for some curtains!

Rose Gold Highlights

When it comes to color, we always favor lighter shades in the springtime. One of our favorite picks at the moment is rose gold. Last year, we were loving unicorn and pastel hair shades, but this year things are a little more subtle. Instead of going rose gold all over, opt for some subtle rose gold highlights. This look is amazing on both lighter and darker hair, and is perfect for Instagram.

Exposed Roots

As we mentioned, this year it’s all about that undone look when it comes to your hair. We aren’t so prim and proper as we were in previous years. One of the easiest ways to get that ‘I woke up like this’ look, other than avoiding the hairbrush, is with some exposed roots. Natural roots will always be ultra-flattering, so we just love this trend. You can either start growing your natural hair color out, or you can head to the salon where they’ll be able to darken your roots for the full effect.

The High Pony

We’ve talked cut and we’ve talked color, and now it’s time to get styling. The high pony has been creeping up over the last few years. With the fabulous return of Ariana Grande and her new album, the high pony is our top choice when it comes to spring style.

We just love how versatile this look is, as you can dress it down with a casual tee, or you can wear it sleek for an evening look. It’s completely fuss-free and super feminine.

The Half Bun

Another favorite is the half bun. The half bun is neither up nor down; simply grab a section of your hair from the top and twist into a bun, letting the hair underneath fall naturally. This look has that ‘on-the-go’ feel, and is a super cute way to get your locks out of your face without committing to a full bun or high pony.

The Scrunchie

We know the 90s have returned, but we still can’t help but love the scrunchie. Effortlessly throw your hair back into a high pony or a half bun with a scrunchie and you’ll be right on trend. Whether you go bold, sparkly or subtle, the shops are going to be swarming with these this season so stock up now, because it’s the ultimate hair accessory.